Cynologic Vita

Torsten Lemmer was born on 26 April 1970 in Düsseldorf / Germany, married with one child, University student, office clerk, journalist and book author. 1999 Awarded the title "Doctor Humanus Causa" of the University of Novi Sad / Serbia.

With the entry into the 1994 Boxer-Klub eV Sitz München (VDH / FCI), Dusseldorf group, began a new life for me that changed my life positively.

Already in 1995 I became the first Chairman of the Group Düsseldorf (BK / VDH / FCI) is selected.

Henceforth, should be part of my life my love for boxers.

By the stud Fausto Santana (143 breeding operations), I got an insight into the breed, what moved me the kennel name "Fausto" protected leave.

I acquired knowledge of the kennel club, inter alia, the following books:
Breviary of modern dog breeds, dog breeding in 2000, the dog and others, and through the inspection of breeding sites of successful international breeders in Italy, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and others.

In the meantime, fell in the kennel of 41 Fausto throws. In the breeding range of partners I had a good hand, so that under the kennel name before some International and National Champions, ATIBOX world champion, German Year and National Champion, European Champion, several winners from other countries and on the competitive sports side World Cup participant and National-state championship participants and several angekoert Boxer were born.
Dogs that were bred by me and me included, to date more than 500-times used for breeding.

1998, 2001 and 2004 I was due back on 1 Dusseldorf elected chairman of the group.
In 2007 I was elected honorary chairman of the group in Düsseldorf.

In 2003 I gave the delegates of the state group 13 Rhine / Wupper (BK / VDH / FCI) as a national trust group chairman, in which they elected me to this office.
In 2005 I was appointed to the breed warden for special use of the Boxer-Klub eV.
In 2006 I was confirmed as the country's group chairman.

In 2003 I was elected to the board of the National Association of North Rhine-VDH, here in charge of breeding and dog shows.

In 2006 I was elected as managing director to the board of the National Association of North Rhine-VDH. Outstanding success in breeding show they were being reached by more than 200 titles as Champion and winner of dog handlers, owners or breeders of boxers.

Among others: German Champion of the Year, Club winner, National Champion, Champion, six-times world champion ATIBOX, as well as various foreign Champion and Champion titles.

I successfully led four boxers for ZTP (ZTP) and four dogs to the AD (endurance test). A boxer I've done in the performance levels BH, VPG (IPO) 1, VPG (IPO) 2 and VPG (IPO) 3. I visited the country excretions, licensing, and was present at several World Championships and German championships in VPG and FH as a spectator.

On four VPG (IPO)-exams, I was audit manager.
I was at numerous dog shows ring helpers, registration office, translator or breed show manager.

In 2006 I was the local leader of the annual dog show of the Boxer-Klub eV of the main event of the BK.

In 2007 I was director of the National Dog Show Dog Show in Rheinberg, RHEINLANDSTRASSE WINNER, with nearly 3,000 dogs of all breeds.

Since 2004 I am continuously a delegate to the General Meeting of the ASSOCIATION TECHNIQUE INTERNATIONALE DU BOXER (ATIBOX) - Cooperation partners of the FCI. In 2007 I was in the bureau, as Secretary General of the World Federation of Associations boxer who ASSOCIATION TECHNIQUE INTERNATIONALE DU BOXER (ATIBOX) - elected partners of the FCI. Editor in chief of the first edition of the international multi-lingual newspaper Boxer "per ATIBOX". 2011 I was elected as Vice-President of the Boxer Club of Montenegro.


In 1998 I received the golden badge of honor of the Finnish Boxer Club.
In 1999 I received a gold lapel pin of the Yugoslav boxers clubs.
In 2005 I was the Boxer Club Bulgaria made an honorary member.

Awards in Germany:
VDH-silver lapel pin,
silver-BK meritocracies
2006 Golden BK meritocracies

Boston Terrier:
In 2005 my wife and I put a bitch to Bostenterrier. With this bitch, we reached several national champions title.
In 2006 my wife left the kennel Saida Lemmer "Fausto" in protecting the 1.Club for Boston Terriers in Germany eV / VDH.
To date, there are three litters fallen.

French Bulldogs:
In 1996, we acquired the males Hubertus von der Monarchia completed as a result of more than 30 matings and exhibited by successful I was (6 x BOB, 4 x CACIB, Champion of Champions and youth of various countries).